Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Corn Bread Casserole Recipe card

Good morning, all! This is the recipe card I made for the PTI round 10 swap. It uses Honey Bees by PTI. I used almost all PTI products, except for the flower brads which are Making Memories. The CS is Summer Sunrise, Lemon Tart, and Stamper's Select White. The DP is Bitty Baby Blessings. Ink is Summer Sunrise, Lavender Moon, Lemon Tart, and Palette Noir. I pierced the bee trail. I am sort of proud of this recipe because I am not much of a cook and would never make up my own recipe, but I saw this one in the newspaper and liked the sound of it, so I tried it. Well, it didn't taste like I thought it would; I was so disappointed! So I kept tweaking it until I got it the way I thought it should be. I hope you enjoy it! If you want to try it but can't read the recipe off the photo, email me and I will send you a copy.

I also wanted to share something really nice that happened last night. The kids and I went to eat at IHOP. DH had something else to do so he did not go. We were talking and laughing and having a good time and I noticed our waitress talking with a man who was by himself. He was getting ready to leave and I didn't think anything more about it. After we had finished my son decided he wanted a milkshake, so we ordered that and when our bill came it was only for the milkshake! I asked the waitress what was up and she said that man had paid for our dinner and wished us a happy Thanksgiving! Apparently this is something he does on a regular basis--he told her he spends about $150 a week on food for other people! Can you imagine! I sent an email to our newspaper's "opinion line" where people usually complain about the government to thank him in the hopes that he will see it. I don't even know if he lives around here because the waitress said she'd never seen him before. Anyway, I'd just like to pass the blessings on to all of you and hope you have something so nice happen to you this holiday season. Thanks for dropping by!


Chris said...

that is one great lookin' recipe card!! have to try that one out...i love cornbread!! i loved your story, how great that ppl like that man still exist, all we hear about is the bad. be sure to pay it forward...good ju-ju!!

Sara Paschal said...

How wonderful was that such a very kind thing to do for your family :)

Love your recipe card, can't wait to see it IRL.

Anonymous said...

This is so cute! Sounds good too!