Thursday, January 22, 2009

Arrow of Light Ceremony

Here I am with my son, Matt

and my daughter, Emily,

at the pack meeting

after the Arrow of Light ceremony.

On Tuesday night I found out I was supposed to decorate an arrow for the Arrow of Light ceremony for Matt's Webelos den. On Wed. I found out it was supposed to be done by Thurs. night which was the night of the ceremony! Wed. night I met with one of the den leaders who showed me how to wrap colored embroidery floss around the point end, then I was supposed to personalize the arrow. Since I was pressed for time I resized photos on the computer, printed them out, laminated them, punched a hole and tied them to the arrow. I also scanned a Harry Potter book cover, some scrapbook pages, and a Nintendo DS game cover for Clone Wars (one of Matt's faves). I tied a Pikachu and some Legos on as well, as those are passions of Matt's (though I think he is about to outgrow Pokemon--finally!) and stamped a soccer ball and music staff and tied those on as well. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out, and the other moms were kind of impressed. The moms were supposed to present the arrow they made for their son at the ceremony. Next month he crosses over to be a Boy Scout--I can hardly believe it.

The different colors of floss stand for the different levels--Tigers, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelo and finally yellow for Arrow of Light. I have pix of Matt with his sis, his best friend Hunter back in NC,

Matt with me and his dad at the Pinewood Derby District race in Wilmington, NC, Matt with our dog, Lyle, Matt in a field of sunflowers here in KS, as a Webelo, with his friend Nate here in KS, the Harry Potter and Clone Wars things,

the soccer, music, legos, and Pokemon.

Matt is all those things and so much more! I think he's the best boy in the world. I teared up a bit at the ceremony. I have to say I think Scouting has been such a great thing for Matt and our whole family. We have met so many great parents and kids through Scouts. Tomorrow is the Pinewood Derby, so we will be there tomorrow night racing Matt's car. This will be his last one--they don't do it in Boy Scouts. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you all have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You are super mom! That is one cool arrow and I'm sure he will treasure it always!

Sara said...

Well, I still can't load the entire page however the comment box showed up today so I just want to say LOVE what you have made for your Son, I am positive he will love it forever.

Great job Amy!

Chris said...

this is just fabulous!! you did an awesome job on this. definitely something to cherish!! >"<