Monday, November 5, 2012

Baby Room Decor

Wait...WHAT?!?  No, it's not for me!  These plaques are for the scholarship auction!

I used the Word Collage cartridge and my Gypsy to design these.  I bought wooden plaques at Mike's and painted them with Martha Stewart paint, color Summer Linen--love it!--three coats.  I measured the width of the plaques and sized the art at 5" wide, which makes it 10.5" high.  I cut each piece out of vinyl to create a stencil.  In hindsight, I probably could have used clear contact paper--cheaper.  I had to weed each little letter!  Took forever!  And the centers of the little A's (they were the worst) and some of the other letters had to be left behind...this project was seriously time consuming!  I used transfer tape to pick up my stencil and trimmed the edges very close to make it easier to line up.  I separated the flourishes from the main artwork so I could put them closer to the ends.  I also used the same flourishes on both pieces, even though they have different flourishes.

Then I used various gender non-specific colors of MS paint to stencil.   To finish I sprayed them with 2 coats of clear matte acrylic spray.

I'm including some Command strips to hang them with--this way I don't have to deal with hardware.  I hope someone likes these enough to bid on them.  The trouble with nursery stuff is people usually have a color scheme, and if something doesn't go with it, they won't buy it.  We shall see.

I really like the way these turned out, even though they were a pain!  Hope you like them too.  Thanks for stopping by today!


Chris said...

wow! these are amazing! you did an awesome job on these!! hope they sell good!

Angela said...

These are beautiful, Amy! They turned out perfectly...I can see how much work you put into them!

Jen A said...

These are fabulous! Oh, I'm sure these will be snached right up...too cute!