Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vinyl University--Using Heat Transfer Vinyl on Fabric

Hi, everyone!  It has been a long process with a steep learning curve, but I've finally got my first video tutorials ready to view!  I've broken the video into two parts, because I'm not really good at making short videos yet--sorry!  I hope my next ones will be shorter.

The first one shows how to cut and weed heat transfer vinyl, and the second shows the process of ironing it on.  It really is SO much quicker to actually do it than it looks in the video--please give it a try!

The second video shows how to iron the vinyl onto the fabric.  Again--it takes much longer to tell about it than it does to do it!

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Chris said...

very cool, you make it looks so easy!! i am loving all your creations and your videos are fine!!

Jen A said...

Awesome project! I love how you say iron...reminds me of my Grandma who is from Kansas too=).