Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween-a-thon Day 10: Halloween Cupcakes

Emily had her bestie, Sunnie, over for a sleepover on Friday night, and she had wanted to make Halloween cupcakes.
Here they are mixing the cake batter.

Sunnie getting ready to put her cupcakes in the oven.

I put orange food coloring in the frosting. Unfortunately I bought the "fun-fetti" type, so our jack-o-lantern cupcakes look all pimply and warty!

They used cut-up green gumdrops for the stems and mini chocolate chips for the features. Isn't Emily the cutest little ham ever?

And here is the finished product! Awesome!


Chris said...

looks very yummy and fun!!

Chris said...

i just stopped by to see today's halloweenie project.....>"< lololo

Angela said...

I have to say that I love "pimply and warty" cupcakes! Cute, cute, cute! The girls look like they were having a lot of fun...your Emily is a doll....

Jen A said...

Looks like fun!