Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween-a-thon: Interrupted

So, I actually had this project finished and photographed by Wednesday evening, but I had to work late yesterday and didn't feel like blogging it. Still, I can't believe I actually posted 12 days in a row--I think that's a record for me!

Today's post is a project I actually planned since I saw THIS blogger's post last year. Unfortunately, by the time I realized I had to do it, all the MS Glow-in-the-Dark glitter had been snapped up. Luckily they offered it again this year.
What you do is take those glass balls that you can get from Mike's or Hobby Lobby. Take the top off and pour in a little Future Floor Wax (I think it's actually called Pledge with Future now). Swirl it all around the inside of the ball and use a paper funnel to dump in some of the awesome glowing glitter (it really does glow in the dark--my son had to take it into the closet to make sure LOL) and shake it all around until the inside of your ball is coated with glitter.
Then I used my Cricut to cut some Halloween images out of black vinyl.
I painted a cool stick from my back yard black, stuck it in some florist's foam in a black plastic cauldron that I got from the Halloween store. I got some purple LED lights from Wal-mart and wound them around the tree,
The scary critters were all cut from the October 31 cartridge, and the spooky words are cut from Happy Hauntings.
Here is the finished product! Blogger wouldn't let me put all my pix in one post, so the last two are in the next post. I love how this turned out! Thanks for dropping by.


Angela said...

Wow, Amy, this rocks! Super cool it!

Chris said...

i love your tree!! and the ornaments are so fabulous!

Jen A said...

WOW! Those ornaments are the tree!