Monday, December 16, 2013

FCCB Challenge # 191: Anything but a Card, Holiday Edition!

Hi, everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Now sit right back and listen to my tale of woe!

I usually like working with vinyl, but this project was a real challenge!  I wanted to do something with a chalkboard feel.  THIS was my inspiration.  Beautiful, right?  I went to Michaels hoping to find a piece of black slate to use.  Usually they have items like that, but I guess the Christmas decorations are taking up that space.  I didn't want to take the time to paint a piece of wood, so I bought one of their black canvases--12 x 12.  Then it turned out I didn't have any white vinyl at home.  Every OTHER color, but no white!  Back out again.  Bought some Cricut brand white vinyl.  I used the digital file Teresa Collins Christmas Collage and kiss cut it out of the white vinyl at 10 ".  But I couldn't get it to weed!  When the excess came up, the letters did too!  Arrgghh!  So I decided to use some of my Oracal red, which is much heavier than the Cricut brand.  This would mean scrapping the chalkboard idea.  Oh, well!  This time I was able to weed it.  Whew, thank goodness right?  I placed the transfer tape over my design and burnished.  All ready to transfer it to the canvas.  I knew it would be a little tougher than a hard surface, but I wasn't really worried.  Well, those letters would not stick to the canvas well enough to come off the transfer tape.  I was really feeling NOT in the Christmas spirit at this point LOL!  It took over an hour but I finally got the letters on the canvas.  I hot glued some Christmas sprigs from Michaels in the top corner.  Here it is:

It looks ok, but not as good as I was hoping.  Things don't always turn out like we planned right?  So my tip for today for all of you is--learn from my mistakes!  Don't try to put vinyl lettering on canvas!  all the time I "saved" by not painting a piece of wood was wasted in the transfer step.  

Have you ever had to learn something crafty the hard way?  Tell me about it in the comments!

Have a wonderful day!


Michelle N. said...

I think it turned out terrific! I usually throw (literally) the item I'm frustrated with in the corner and let it marinate for a month. I usually will research solutions online or in my sleep! A month makes all the difference!

Missy said...

Oh rats I'm sorry to hear you had such a rough time---a labor of love though, as this turned out wonderful Amy!! What a pretty piece of decor!!

Chris said...

i think it looks very pretty!! i like the sprigs of green on the edges!!

Heather said...

Your inspiration is beautiful, but I think your project turned out great, too! I think the red letters against the black background look great. And this is another fabulous project you've created with the word collages! I really need to get one of these cartridges!!