Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Forest Friends Valentines

In the previous post I showed you the valentines I made for the boys in Emily's class and some of her friends around the neighborhood. For the girls we made various animals, two or three of each of 6 designs. Emily chose which animals and the colors to use. Here is the owl. I know many of you know that I don't get the current owl craze, but I think this one turned out just darling. Who knows? I could grow to love owls.
Here is the bunny. Now I have to say, this is the only design I don't like in this set. Do you remember that old Bugs Bunny cartoon, where he drinks some Jekyll and Hyde potion or something and turns into Neanderthal bunny? That's what this reminds me of. This gives me the creeps! But Emily liked it. I wish I'd have had some large pompoms to use on the tail, but I only had tiny ones, so it's just a cardstock tail.
All CS is SU, embossing folders are Cuttlebug. I used little squares of Velcro to hold the bags shut. We stamped a t0/from on the back and Ems wrote everyone's names on them.
They look kind of cute together, don't they? I don't know, maybe the bunny isn't SO bad. More valentines to come!


Banu said...

OWL OWL!!! WOOT WOOT...Owl is really cute Amy. I am totally on the OWL Bandwagon :)))

The bunny kind of turned out okay I think.

Chris said...

i think i love the owl the best. quinn loves the bunny!! you get the super cool mom award this week!

Jen A said...

I'm with Chris...I like the owl best too! Hmmm but that puppy above is darn cute too. Amazing Amy!