Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pet Friends Valentines

Okay, so here's the last of 'em. I had so much fun making these. Lettering Delights really put a lot of thought into the layers so that there's not too much cutting on most of them. I just love the little kitty's whiskers here, don't you? Embossing Folder is Cuttlebug.
Now there WAS a fair amount of layering on the dog. Ems wanted a brown and white dog, but of course I had to add a few other colors and some sponging. The dog is the only one that got sponged, and I don't know but that he may be the cutest one of all because of it. And don't you just love that tongue hanging out? Too funny!
And here they are together, the best of friends! I hope you all and your kids had a great Valentine's Day! I'll be so sad when I don't get to make kiddie valentines anymore.
Thanks for looking!


Chris said...

OMG, THESE ARE ADORABLE!! i'm sure the kids loved them!!

Jen said...

Keep 'em commin'! These are adorable too! Abbey wants to know if I can make her told her to aske daddy if mama can have a new machine=).

Michele Lourenco said...

OMG Amy,
these are just too too cute!

Angela said...

Oh my word, Amy! These little critters you have created are just adorable! I love all the detail...layering, embossing, etc. Awesome job!

Susan said...

OMG! These are so CUTE!!! Love the extra umph embossing gives.