Thursday, August 25, 2011

3 D Chandelier

Emily has a locker this year for the first time. You cannot imagine the excitement this has caused among all the 4th grade girls! Everyone wants to "decorate" their locker, and surprisingly there is a lot of expensive stuff out there to do it with. I flatly refused to spend $25 on locker decorations. Emily wanted (of all things) a chandelier! I just got a secondhand Summer in Paris Cricut cart from a friend who doesn't like her Cricut (?!?). And it has a 3 D chandelier on it! It has two pieces of it, but since I was cutting it out of DCWV glitter CS instead of double-sided DP, I cut each piece twice (at 8"), flipping one piece of each set. I glued the matching pieces back to back and fit them together (there's a slit in the bottom of one and the top of the other). I used some glue dots at the joints to add a little stability, and added a little bling.
I think it turned out pretty cute, and I hope Ems likes it. She will see it when she gets home from school. Now that I've made one I have a few ideas of how it could be better. Next time I think I'll cut it out of thin chipboard, then cover with CS or DP, for more stability. Another thing I want to try is to cut 4 pieces of the 2D chandelier (on the same cart), score each down the middle, and glue them together like that, instead of having the slit. So many ideas, so little time...

Another thing Emily wanted for her locker (insert me rolling eyes here) was a green fur rug for the bottom. Where in the world does she get this stuff? While I was measuring her locker for the chandelier, her 3rd grade teacher overheard us discussing all this and volunteered both a lime green fake fur rug and a hot pink one! So I cut an 11" square out of the green one and voila! she has what her little heart desires. I hope.

Soon I'm off to go to a Copic class with my sis! We've got other fun things planned too. Hope you get to do something fun and crafty this weekend!


Sara Paschal said...

Does not like her cricut? I am still stuck way back there;)

Love the Chandelier Ems is a classy 4th grader.

Great job on this you have me inspired to try one.

Banu said...

WOW Amy, this turned out just superb!!!! Amazing. I cannot get over it. i need to borrow this cartridge and try this out. Very very neat.

Angela said...

Cool chandelier! I bet all of the girls will be wanting one of these!

Chris said...

omg this is too cute!! i loved decorating my locker too, but i never wanted a rug...lololololo

{enjoy your locker, ems!} your mom is the coolest!!

Jen A said...

Very pretty! And what a cool mom to make it!

Michele L. said...

this is really cute. It would be great for bridal showers too if the place let's you hang stuff from the ceiling.
i had to laugh about the green carpet for the locker. That is too too funny!